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Summer beach activities

Swimming, pedal boating, beach volleyball, beach paddles and canoe / sup are considered “mild” sports activities while offshore sports – windsurfing, kitesurfing, water skiing and rowing belong to the aforementioned high-risk category.

Unfortunately, due to its anatomy and function, the knee is one of the points that gathers more pressure, therefore it stands at the top of the injuries.

And while in mild sports the injuries are usually just as mild (fractures, tendonitis, bruises) and conservative treatment may be necessary, in high-risk sports the injuries are more complex (knee injuries, fractures, meniscus injuries) which can also lead to surgery.

Obviously, the physical condition, the anatomy, the level of athletic preparation of everyone are the reference points for how serious the injury may be.

It goes without saying that any sport activity on or off the sea should be stopped immediately after the injury, while ice or a local analgesic are a first and emergency solution.

Examination and evaluation by a specialized orthopedist are considered absolutely necessary as soon as possible, to avoid further deterioration of knee’s shape and condition.

We -Orthopedists- unreservedly recommend swimming as the most appropriate and “friendly” aerobic exercise for overworked joints.

It strengthens the muscular system without stressing it particularly comparing to other comparative aerobic exercises, due to the buoyancy of the water. For all the rest of the sport activities let us show due respect both to the sea and to our body type and its condition/ shape.

The OSTEON team and I personally wish you a pleasant and healthy summer!