Knowledge – Specialization – Experience | Osteon

Knowledge – Specialization – Experience


The doctors of Osteon are dedicated to the field they serve.


With long-term and targeted further training in leading centers abroad (USA-England-Australia-Germany) they undertook managerial positions in recognized institutions around the world.


They are subject to continuous evaluations, while their effectiveness is recognized by the most demanding hospitals and health systems worldwide.


Our constant goal and priority is the excellence of our clinical services.


All members of Osteon team (doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, orthotic specialists, secretarial support), have been selected with the strictest criteria.


Strict procedures

The quality of our services and our continuous improvement is based on: The application of scientific protocols and treatments with proven and measurable effectiveness.

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Team approach – Holistic care

We offer the most specialized services covering the entire range of Orthopedics by doctors who have been trained and worked in leading health centers abroad.

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