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Konstantinos A. Starantzis

Τμήμα: Backbone
Spine Surgeon MD, PhD
Konstantinos A. Starantzis has a PhD from University of Athens Medical School (EKPA) and he is the director of the Orthopedic Clinic of Spine Surgery at Athens Medical Center (Marousi). He has a long tenure as a Consultant Spinal Surgeon at North Staffordshire University Hospital in the United Kingdom. He is the Scientific Director and Head of the Spine Department of Osteon Orthopedic Clinic.
Dedicated to the field of Spine Surgery, Mr. Starantzis has been extensively and targeted trained in recognized centers in Greece and abroad, alongside  leading surgeons of the field.
He completed his basic training in Orthopedics at University of Cambridge, School of Clinical Medicine and then at Guy’s & St Thomas ’Hospital in London. In 2007 he was appointed to the 1st Orthopedic Clinic of the University of Athens where he began to further develop his skills as a spine surgeon.
In 2012 he completed his specialization by obtaining the title of Orthopedic Surgeon and right away he started his specialization in Spine Surgery at the world-renowned centre of Nottingham, U.K. He then had the opportunity to continue his specialization in Bristol where he gained significant experience that opened the doors of the National Health System of Great Britain, holding since then a Managerial Position.
His philosophy is to operate only when there is no other alternative option for the patient and in these cases he prefers contemporary minimally invasive techniques, as long as they are documented safer and more efficient than traditional surgical methods.
He is a member of many Greek and foreign scientific committees and organizations and remains academically active, he holds a Ph.D from University of Athens with dozens of articles and pioneering surgical techniques published in scientific journals and reviews abroad since 2016.