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Spine Deparment – Spinal Disorders



Dr. Konstantinos A. Starantzis is the head of the Spine Department and he undertakes all spinal conditions, from the neck to the coccyx.


An important reinforcement is the addition of Dr. Vassilios Vougioukas, Director of the Department of Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery of Brain and Spine at Athens Medical Center and head of the Neurosurgery Department of Osteon. This collaboration is a conscious decision aiming to achieve the best possible clinical outcome for the patients.


Although lately such collaborations abroad are taken for granted, this synergy is considered an innovative effort in Greece. Through our co-location in Athens Medical Group we have access to all the necessary technical equipment (intraoperative O-Arm CT scan, neuronavigation, electrophysiological examination) needed so as to provide the best possible medical services. Our common belief is that the combination of specialties, in this case orthopedics and neurosurgery, by two excellent-trained surgeons with many years of experience in the field, is a key condition for achieving the best possible result in complex spine problems.


Spinal conditions are complex pathologies where the clinical picture is often complicated. The main pillars for surgical treatment are the understanding of the biomechanical properties of the spine, as well as the respect for the nerve structures involved in the problem. The goal is to solve the problem with the smallest muscle/tissue injury, without making compromises on functionality and physiology of the spine. The lack of guidelines, especially regarding degenerative diseases, the uncontrolled, mainly through the internet, bombardment of information on unscientific techniques as well as the lack of control over medical education in our country, are the main reasons for the unnecessary and often dangerous suffering to which the patient with spine problems is subjected.






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