At OSTEON you will find specialized services in the entire range of Orthopedics by doctors with training and career in leading centers abroad.

What is sciatica?

The spine surgeon, Konstantinos Starantzis, together with the orthopedic surgeon, Vassilis Sakellariou, explain to us what sciatica is, what causes it and how it is treated.

What is shoulder arthropathy?

The orthopedic surgeon, George Mazis, explains us what shoulder arthropathy is and how it is treated.

What is spinal stenosis?

The orthopedic surgeon, Konstantinos A. Starantzis, explains us what spinal stenosis is and how it is treated.

What is tendon transfer?

The orthopedic surgeon - traumatologist, Dr. Panagiotis Symeonidis, explains us what tendon transfer is, but also how the patient's life changes after the surgery.

What can cause shoulder pain?

The orthopedic surgeon, in charge of the upper limb & sports injuries department, Panagiotis Pantos, along with the spine surgeon, Konstantinos Starantzis, explain us why in some cases the cooperation among subspecialties is important.

What is a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament?

The orthopedic surgeon, Vassilios Sakellariou, explains us what the rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament is and how it is treated.

What is rotator cuff tendon rupture?

The orthopedic surgeon, Panagiotis G. Pantos, explains us what the rupture of rotator cuff tendons is and how it is treated.

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